Stanford draft prospects we might be looking at

Reports that Oakland Raider OL guru Mike Tice was at Stanford’s pro-day has me wondering who we might be looking to draft. Now although we already have one of the best OL’s in the league – that got real AWESOME with the signing of Kelechi Osemele from the Ravens and the re-signing of Donald Penn – Mike Tice is clearly looking longer term, and for OL prospects that he can coach up.

The main Stanford OL prospects in the 2016 draft class are:-

  • Joshua Garnett
  • Kyle Murphy

Garnett is probably the second or third best guard in this year’s draft class – and at 6’4″ and 315 lbs he’s real similar man-mountain to the two incumbents we’ve likely got starting in 2016, Gabe Jackson & Kelechi Osemele. Now as much as I’d like to sign this kid, I don’t see him lasting past the 2nd round, and given the talent we already have at guard (and don’t forget Feliciano’s development), its hard to justify us spending an early rounder on another guard. If for some crazy reason he falls to the fourth or fifth round, however, I say ‘pounce’….the third round, I’d have to get thinking really hard!

The kid I think Tice is really concentrating on, however, is the slightly less hyped Kyle Murphy, he’s a big 6’6″ OT, a position of much greater need to us and will potentially be available to us in the 4th round, certainly the 3rd. He’s more of a RT than a LT, although Murphy did play LT as a senior, is Tice thinks he has the raw talent to potentially play LT in a couple of years then I say ‘roll he 4th round dice”. Murphy is a bright kid, with long arms and good genetics – his brother played for Harvard and the Vikings. Bright obviously the Murphy family could be the developmental OL-peg we need, and what better place to learn than under Tice, Penn and Howard.


With the 5th Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft The Raiders Select….

Khalil Mack…..cue screams of excitement and cheers of joy.

The adrenalin started flowing, big-time, when the Jaguars made the somewhat questionable selection of Blake Bortles.

Amazement grew when we saw how much the Buffalo Bills had paid, in picks, to move up just a few places. Basically the Bills had agreed to pay two first rounders and one later round pick for the Browns pick….Then I got a bit depressed, as I realised the Bills would probably be selecting their hometown boy Khalil Mack – probably the best player in the draft – but the old proverbial champagne was well and truly on ice as the Bills announced they were selecting Sammy Watkins. (Mr Watkins looked worryingly short, to me, as he approached the podium in his badly fitting suit).

OK, so the best player in this years draft has fallen to the Oakland Raiders, at number 5, it’s a no-brainer right, we select Mack? If you have any history as a Raiders fan you know that isn’t strictly true. Indeed, it’s normally wrong. A small part of all of our minds feared the worse … who ran the fastest 40-time at this year’s combine? Surely rumours of us signing Derek Carr at number 5 were over-done. We all remember the non-signing of Star Lotulelei last year.

….. cue insane celebrations, mass punching of air, etc, etc, as the commissioner announces that “with the 5th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select Khalil Mack”. A defence of Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, Sio Moore, Antonio Smith AND Khalil Mack is made for knocking over Peyton et al…..the AFC West never looked like more fun.

We Look Short on the Interior Line

In a desperate effort to address the apparent weaknesses we are showing on the interior line I imagine Reggie is frantically scanning the available player lists (I know I am), and looking purely at the guards that are available I thought the following made sense:-

Lance Louis – the former Chicago Bear starter signed with the Miami Dolphins in FA but got cut during the off-season in a somewhat surprising move given his abilities. At 320 lbs Lance Louis is just the sort of player that could toughen up our interior line. The concern with Louis is whether he is 100% yet after his ACL injury of 2012, if he is bring him in.

Stephen Peterman – having been released by the Jets this offseason doesn’t look quite as severe given their recent winning run, as it did at the time, and this former Cowboy/Lion could be a cheap power option. Drafted in the third round of the 2004 draft Peterman has planty of experience, and would be a relativeyl cheap stop-gap option.

Jake Scott – former Colt (started in 2007 superbowl victory) just missed out on the Lions 53-man roster this offseason, and would provide a definite upgrade over Nix.

Chilo Rachal – long-shot (Al-style) effort to reclaim lost talent, this former 49’ers second round draftee has bounced around rthe nfl in recent years (even getting cu by the Cardinals this offseason, and their OL isn’t great), but he has some talent, maybe Sparano is the man to relase it?

These suggestions are not to say I’m discounting Lamar Mady, the coaching staff obviously rate him (particularly as he leapfrogged Antoine McClain onto the active list versus Denver), and as Silverandblackpride point out (see below) he obviously has potential. Whoever makes up the final starting OL, if we are going to keep Pryor safe we need an improvement over those that started week 3, fingers crossed Sparano sprinkles some magic dust over the unit.