Pondering an alternative

With Derek Carr out nursing a finger injury, Christian Ponder and Matt McGloin have been sharing first team reps at Oakland Raider’s OTAs and the one clear take-away that I could gather was that former first round draft pick Christian Ponder looked really good.

Ponder has always has a nice rhythm to his passing, his down fall in his early nfl career with the Minnesota Vikings being his tendency to fluster under pressure, but maybe (and its a big maybe) the change of scenery, lack of pressure and time to develop will allow him to iron out this very important flaw. Christian Ponder has always had good feet and a nice west-coast short-passing game but he has often suffered from a lack of zip on his longer balls and somewhat panicked-style. At OTA’s however he has looked smooth and very impressive.

Yes the pressure is not there, at OTA’s, but maybe (just maybe) this young man just needed some time to mature. As long as we mainly want to run the ball, just playing west-coast offence at QB, Christian Ponder should/could be fine. Yes, I’d much rather see Derek Carr developing, but if he’s carrying an injury lets not push it, no need to risk Carr long term future, instead lets give the keys of the juggernaut to Christian Ponder and see where he can take us.


Matt McGloin Deserves an Extended Run in the Side

Following Matt McGloin’s winning performance in Sunday’s Texans game, and given the state of Terrelle Pryor’s knee, I think McGloin should be given an extended run in the side.

Lets see how McGloin does in a 3 or 4 game spell. If he swims then let him keep him in the starting job through to the end of the season, whereas if he fails then we can hand the keys back to a fit again Pryor, giving him another chance to show that his recent failures were not down to lack of QB-talent. Either way, we get to see if we have a QB on the roster worthy of the starting spot next season. I think we do – possibly two – but the next couple of weeks could be crucial in proving that one way or the other.

We Still Have Just 2 QB’s on the Roster

So as we go into the week of the Steelers game, with a nice week long rest on the players backs, we still only have two QB’s on the 53-man roster. Incumbent starter Terrelle Pryor and young pretender Matt McGloin are an excellent combo in my humble opinion, but I would really like a number three.

Should we bring in some experienced cover like David Carr, Vince Young or the recently released (by the Jets) Brady Quinn. I know Quinn, for example, has been little better than Jamarcus Russell since they were the top QB-picks of the 2007 draft – and that is saying very little – but surely he could be a half decent number 3. Actually thinking about it, we our OL, the number three has to be a pure scrambling-QB. So we are talkingabout Vince Young or Pat White…..or heaven help us Tebow – is he even still available?