Hungry Horace

When the Oakland Raiders saw the Carolina Panthers cut LB Horace Miller they pounced. Not only was this kid on the Seattle Seahawks books last year, hence our defensive co-ordinator Ken Norton Jr. personally knows his talents, but he also got playing time with the Panthers, boosting amazing speed and tremendous motor.

Coming out of Texas-El Paso college, Horace Miller looked the real deal, putting lots of pressure on opposing QB’s, wrapping up RB’s and showing decent coverage skills, his main problem being his size. At 6’0″ and 235 lbs most teams think he’s too small. Its really the height. At 6’2″ and, even the same weight, he’d have gone in the second-to-fifth round of the 2014 draft. But surely one or two inches hardly matter – no sexual innuendo intended – the kid put up a 4.4 second 40 time (amazing for a LB) and our defensive co-ordinator has inside knowledge of his talents and wants him. Remeber this kid, he could be a surprise for many people this year.

We also brought Milton Williams back, cutting Austin Hill and Travell Dixon.


Love the UDFA signing of Milton Williams

So we signed a lot of players over the draft weekend, and I will get to analyzing them all one by one, but first I thought I’d bring to your attention a bit of a super-sleeper that very few of the ‘experts’ have mentioned – Milton Williams.

In the raft of UDFA signings one of the unpolished gems that we picked up was Milton Williams, a WR from Delaware State. This kid is big, is athletic (makes a great jump-ball target), has good hands and runs real fast, see for yourself on his highlight film (below).

One thing that really stood out to me is that our new WR also has experience as a punter, always worth having cover in the squad for other positions. I’d be very interested in us maintaining work on his punting as you never know when injuries will hit.

It may take some time, as it tends to with UDFA, but this kid has real potential and I will be watching closely for him in training camp….expect flashes on genius.