2015 Looking Much Much Better

Firstly, we are looking a whole lot better this year. Secondly, with a nice bit of cap space this offseason we can get really good in 2016 (more to come shortly). I’m talking about top 5, superbowl contenders. This team has REAL potential.

Derek Carr looks awesome, the WR’s have real talent, the TE’s have good potential, our RB’s show flashes and the O-line has made big strides.

On the other side of the ball, the D looks very stout. I like Mario Edwards Jr at DE, Aldon Smith on the other side, Dan Williams is a beast and Jelly if he’s fit is decent. I also saw some impressive play from Stacy McGee the other day, while Autry is improving and I like the potential of Shelby Harris. Back in the LB’s, as long as we don’t overplay Jar Jar were fine, I love the new additions and I’m really impressed with how Norton has got them developing. Finally our much maligned secondary has shown improvements, dramatic ones at that. David Amerson needed the fresh start, and now looks every bit the high-round draft pick, while our own heavily critiqued DJ Hayden has also shown signs of improving. Safety in a injury-hit revolving door at the moment, but with Nate Allen coming back soon, Charles Woodson rocking the field and TJ Carrie looking great anywhere in the backfield (bar returning punts) we look pretty set. I also like Neiko Thorpe.


Getting us out out of a Tight-End

With David Ausberry having just had surgery and Nick Kasa likely out for the season we are in a little bit of a proverbial pickle. But don’t panic Raider-Nation as RaidaLove has a couple of ideas, chiefly the possibility of us picking up a free agent…..”but there aren’t any out there” I hear you scream….well lets look at the possibilities:-

(1) Kyle Auffray – the Cleveland Browns just waived this kid, who was previously on the NE Patriots roster… “if he was that good surely they’d hold onto him?” – number one I’m not called Shirely, and number 2 have you seen the TE’s on the Browns and Pats rosters. Auffray has great size (6’6″ and 255 lbs), speed (timed at 4.6 seconds over 40 yards), is a decent blocker and has good hands, to be honest I can see him starting for us not simply being a backup. Another thing I like about this kid is that he can also play backup punter!!

(2) we wait until the roster cuts, and pick one of the numerous talented TE’s that are bound to be cut (watch Detroit). This could be a great strategy, particularly as it means we also give Brian Leonhardt and Jake Murphy a bit more time. Murphy has reportedly been impressing in camp, but his drop against the Vikings in the first pre-season game do worry me

(3) we trade for someone, I guess this would definitely work, particularly if trade someone we are looking to cut….any ideas here readers?

(4) we make do with Murphy, Leonhardt and Rivera….another distinct possibility, particularly as Ausberry is reportedly recovering well (Kasa looks like he’s out for the season)

(5) We switch multi-talented FB/RB/HB Marcel Reece out wide a bit more often – this could be the real gold (and a great sleeper for fantasy leagues), and what I envisage them doing, once again particularly if Ausberry heels quick.

Let me know your thought Raider-nation, and we can really get to the bottom of this particular ‘tight-end’.

Should We consider TE Kevin Brock or DE/LB Montgomery?

I just saw the Kansas City Chiefts released TE Kevin Brock, the 6’5″ 250 lb TE could potnetially improve a very weak part of our team.

I’m not saying he’d definitely be the answer but surely he’d be an improvement over Mustrud.

Real news this week – we are reportedly looking at LB/DE Sam Montgomery, a talented player who lets just say let his Texans career go up in “smoke”. Montgomery was 3rd round draft pick this past year and he brings real potential to the table. Personally I don’t think the reason the Texans released him to be all that serious, but its up to the individual and of course a sportsman and a role model really needs to consider theri actions. But then look at the kid’s life – lost a brother to a shooting – and I have sympathy, and remember he’s still just a kid. Anyway if Reggie/Allen/Tarver recon they can work with the kid lets give him a chance, its great to hear our management are still looking to improve our already very impressive D.

On Montgomery, let it be noted that nfl.com (see below) listed his strengths as “competitive player who doesn’t back down from challenges, will bull his way into bigger tackles to collapse the pocket”, with similarities to Andre Carter.


We Still Have Just 2 QB’s on the Roster

So as we go into the week of the Steelers game, with a nice week long rest on the players backs, we still only have two QB’s on the 53-man roster. Incumbent starter Terrelle Pryor and young pretender Matt McGloin are an excellent combo in my humble opinion, but I would really like a number three.

Should we bring in some experienced cover like David Carr, Vince Young or the recently released (by the Jets) Brady Quinn. I know Quinn, for example, has been little better than Jamarcus Russell since they were the top QB-picks of the 2007 draft – and that is saying very little – but surely he could be a half decent number 3. Actually thinking about it, we our OL, the number three has to be a pure scrambling-QB. So we are talkingabout Vince Young or Pat White…..or heaven help us Tebow – is he even still available?