Killer CB ?

The Kansas City Chiefs have releases Brandon Flowers, their pro bowl CB, as they desperately seek cap room and increasingly follow the league preference towards bigger CB’s. This at the same time as we learn that DJ Hayden has an injury that will likley keep him out until training camp leads me to the conclusion that we should target Flowers.

Flowers is a talented CB, of that there is little doubt, true he struggled in 2013 but was that more a system problem than pure talent, as previously he has thrived. I know those Pro Football stats are a very unreliable indicator, but in 2012 they had Flowers ranked as the league’s 7th best CB, the year he made the pro bowl. Unfortunately as the Chiefs switched to more press coverage, Brandon Flower’s displays suffered. With many teams struggling for finances, we could probably pick Flowers up relatively cheaply, a move that I would recommend, particularly considering our paucity of options

If we think the price on Flowers might be a little high another viable option would be Chris Houston, recently released by the Detriot Lions, although there are additional injury concerns attached to this potential pickup (he had toe surgery in May). I like Houston though, particularly his 5’11” size and 4.3 second 40 time, the 2007 second round pick would (if fit) be an interesting aquisition.


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