Jonathan Dowling – Profile

With the Terrelle Pryor compensatory pick – i.e. what we got from the Seahawks in exchange for Terrelle Pryor – the Oakland Raiders selected the heir-apparent to Charles Woodson.

Ok, so maybe I’m stretching things a little, at this point, but it could be true. This kid is 6’3″, packs a mean hit and runs a 4.4 second 40-time. He’s not exactly refined and discipline looks like it might be an issues, but if you want to completely get your money out of the experienced players (like Woodson) that’s what you do, you bring in kids that need to see how-its-really done, and let them learn. If you don’t look up to one of the best ever, and learn from him, then you wont learn from anybody. It sure is a lot better than sitting and learning from many of our previous safeties we had – Eddie Anderson, Dorsett, etc, etc

This Dowling kid looks like he has all the physical tools, he just needs to sit with Woodson and the coaches day-in day-out and study. In 2 years time I’ve got a feeling this Dowling pick will be being talked about as one of the best Raider’s draft picks of all time, and nobody will be wishing we had Terrelle Pryor instead.


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