Some Good UDFA’s

Reggie has proved his mettle here before, so I’m expected more of the same this year, here’s a comprehensive list but a few names that jumped out included Texas WR Mike Davis, Utah TE Jake Murphy and LB Carlos Fields Jr, those three kids definitely have the potential to make the 53-man roster. Also I imagine George Atkinson III and Karl Williams should have enough to make the practise squad.

Carlos Fields has explosive speed and is a very reliable run-defender, on watching the tape on him the thing that really stands out is that he doesn’t always go for the glory hit, instead focussing on stopping the player, a very useful trait in a LB.

Jake Murphy is a really strong TE prospect, that if he’d stayed in college another year would probably have been a top-4 round pick, but he has a family to feed and decided to take the plunge…luckily we were ready to give him the opportunity, seriously expect this kid to be starting some time this year.

Mike Davis looked like a certain mid-round WR, no guarantee to make the roster but great competition for Criner et al. Davis really struggled with poor QB-play at Texas.

Before I go I wanted to share a link with you on the surprise-Raiders draft choice this year, DE/DT Shelby Harris, this kid didn’t even play last year because of various troubles, but as Reggie showed with Stacy McGee last year sometimes its worth giving a kid a second-chance. anyway here’s the link 


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