With the 5th Pick of the 2014 NFL Draft The Raiders Select….

Khalil Mack…..cue screams of excitement and cheers of joy.

The adrenalin started flowing, big-time, when the Jaguars made the somewhat questionable selection of Blake Bortles.

Amazement grew when we saw how much the Buffalo Bills had paid, in picks, to move up just a few places. Basically the Bills had agreed to pay two first rounders and one later round pick for the Browns pick….Then I got a bit depressed, as I realised the Bills would probably be selecting their hometown boy Khalil Mack – probably the best player in the draft – but the old proverbial champagne was well and truly on ice as the Bills announced they were selecting Sammy Watkins. (Mr Watkins looked worryingly short, to me, as he approached the podium in his badly fitting suit).

OK, so the best player in this years draft has fallen to the Oakland Raiders, at number 5, it’s a no-brainer right, we select Mack? If you have any history as a Raiders fan you know that isn’t strictly true. Indeed, it’s normally wrong. A small part of all of our minds feared the worse … who ran the fastest 40-time at this year’s combine? Surely rumours of us signing Derek Carr at number 5 were over-done. We all remember the non-signing of Star Lotulelei last year.

….. cue insane celebrations, mass punching of air, etc, etc, as the commissioner announces that “with the 5th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select Khalil Mack”. A defence of Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, Sio Moore, Antonio Smith AND Khalil Mack is made for knocking over Peyton et al…..the AFC West never looked like more fun.


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