2nd Round Draft Options

The 2nd round of the nfl draft is shortly upon us and I’d usually be none too excited, as most of the real obvious talent has gone by this point, this year however some real top-tier talent is still available – I’ve seen around ten players that in previous years would definitely fit comfortably in the 1st round.

As we’re selecting at number 4 tonight, we only really need to outline a top-4 of prospects, and here are mine:-

(1) Louis Nix – the Notre Dame NT/DT is a great run-stopper, who also has the ability to get internal pressure on the QB. Although his weight variance has occasionally been a problem to the quality of his play, with proper conditioning he would massively improve the quality of the interior of our line for years to come. Indeed I think I prefer him to one of my favourite targets last year (Star).

(2) Derek Carr – the fear on Thursday was that we’d draft the Fresno State star with our first round pick, but now he’s fallen to at least the second round he has some value. I think his brother’s pains have given him a more level-head, and he does have a fantastic deep ball, my only real concern is his ‘head’ under pressure, as he looses his calm fairly easily. A year or too learning under Matt Schaub, however, could be absolutely what this kid needs to not replicate his brother’s mistakes.

(3) Xavier Su’a-Filo – I was really surprised what Su’a-Filo didn’t get drafted in the first round, as this kid looks like being a really quick pass blocker, who can play at guard or tackle. In our team he could slip straight into the guard competition and upgrade our already heavily improved OL-mix even more.

(4) Kony Ealy – quite a few very good DE’s are still available going into the second round, but (in my opinion) Kony Ealy is marginally ahead of my next two favourites, Stephon Tuitt and Demarcus Lawrence. You never can have enough quality DL-men and with many of our FA-signings being a little long-in-the-tooth some additional youth here wouldn’t go amiss, plus a good rotation on the DL can serve to keep everyone fresh and firing. Ealy looked like a sure-fire first round talent to me coming into this draft, excellent at getting after the QB, with good speed and strength, and able to switch inside and play DT also. Reminds me of Tuck a bit too, no bad thing.

(a wild-card non-necesary 5) Marqise Lee – my final pick here is USC’s WR Lee. If we were genuinely interested in D.Jackson back in free agency, here’s a younger (possibly even better) version of him. Last year this kid would have been a sure-fire top-10 pick, but a relatively poor year at USC coupled with a number of minor injuries damaged his rep. Used lightly, at least until he’s built up his frame, this kid could be really explosive to Shaub and solidify the receiving corps for years to come.

…. on further analysis you know this second round is almost as interesting as most year’s first rounds are. 


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