Draft Board

I’m posting a very simple “Top 5” draft board – I’m keeping to the top 5 as the multitude of possibilities draft day trades result in make considering their possibility too many and varied – anyway the top 5 are as follows (and I’m going with best imo available player, as I don’t think we have the pressing needs of recent years):-

1. Jadeveon Clowney – incredibly unlikely to fall to us, this prototype DL would be a dream-come-true for us, but I just don’t see it happening so I won’t write any more

2. Greg Robinson –  we don’t really need an OL, but this kid is one of the best prospects in years, and could start (and excel) and LT now. Believe me Greg Robinson blows Veldheer out of the water. In fact I love the possibility of a Robinson-Boothe-Wiz-Howard-Watson offensive line (on this last point, yes Menelik Watson, I’m really excited about this kid, a fit Watson is going to prove a lot of the doubters wrong in 2014, nice critical peace on Watson in 2014 here http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1999502-what-is-the-oakland-raiders-plan-for-menelik-watson#articles/1999502-what-is-the-oakland-raiders-plan-for-menelik-watson )

3. Khalil Mack – probably the most ready-for-action player in this year’s draft, Mack brings excellence to the OLB position. We don’t massively need Khalil Mack, as OLB is one of the stronger (its all relative reader!) positions on our roster, but players of Mack’s talent don’t come around very often, so to pass on his excellent LB-skills would prove foolish. Mack would be a stud in our D, solidifying a group that already looks like improving dramatically in 2014. 

4. Teddy Bridgewater – this is one of the positions that I think I disagree with most other analysts on, more than any other. To me TB is by far the best QB in this draft, and for that matter probably the best since Andrew Luck (I include RGIII in this), and the window he excels in the most is the mental side of the game. TB is a calm pocket QB, with the ability to run but a skill he doesn’t overly rest upon. TB would be an excellent QB to sit for a season-and-a-half behind Schaub, so he can perfect his skills while adding another 10 lbs or so (as his frame does look a little too skinny at this point for the nfl).

5. Sammy Watkins – an excellent WR, would instantaneously bring big-play abilities to our offence, the reason I have him going at 5 is really just because I think the other 4 are better, no disrespect to Watkins who will rock-th-nfl for sure.  



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