Terrelle Pryor Traded To Seahawks

So that’s it, Terrelle Pryor is now a Seattle Seahawk, and we have an additional seventh round draft pick. This is a strange one, because I always hoped that it wasn’t true that we were looking to trade Pryor, but then I’m kind of happy that we got something for him, as I feared he was just going to get released.

Why am I sad Pryor’s gone? Because I liked the kid and honestly thought he still had the potential to develop into a very dangerous QB. His electric feet and hard work ethic had me convinced that, with work, he could improve his action, but it seemed the team (and most of the fans) had given up on Pryor.

Why am I happy we got a 7th rounder? Yes the pick is in the last round of this year’s draft, and yes it will be a late 7th rounder (only before the 7th round conditional picks), but all the same remember this is a very deep draft and some REAL TALENT will be available in the 7th round or as an UDFA. The benefit of picking up a player in the draft, as opposed to as an UDFA, is that there isn’t the competition to sign the kid if you draft him, they basically have to join you. I bet in this year’s draft some fairly decent WR’s and CB’s will be available in the 7th. 


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