With free agency making sure that the big boys are coming onto the Oakland Raiders offensive line in 2014, one thing you can be sure about is a much improved running game. Austin Howard, Kevin Boothe and Donald Penn specialise in making running lanes, and with Darren McFadden now having the very able Maurice Jones-Drew alongside him, it looks really good for the year ahead.

McFadden is only 26 – his prime – whereas MJD is 29, why 29 is being written off as old I don’t know. What I do know is that a shared workload could benefit them both: (a) keeping DMC healthy; (b) keeping the tread on MJD. Back them up with an explosive Kory Sheets and a powerful but yet untested Latavius Murray and there is some real potential here.

Also whoever is moving the chains for us in 2014, the addition of Matt Schaub means that defences can no longer load up quite so heavily against the running game, creating more space and by default yards! 


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