Don’t Forget C.J. Wilson

Too many reports that I’ve seen regarding the Oakland Raiders free agent signings have forgotten to mention C.J.Wilson. Not only is this DE thought to be outstanding against the run, but he also had a great body of work coming out of college for getting after the passer. Not exactly a marquee signing, but all the same an acquisition that Reggie deserves some credit for (I expect the inside knowledge nudged Reggie).

C.J. Wilson registered 26 sacks at East Carolina, before the Green Bay Packers drafted him and largely decided to use C.J. Wilson as a wall that opposing teams’ running backs could-not-pass. Given the outstanding players that we have already stacked up on the edges of the line – Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley – and their abilities to get after the QB being well known, a good old fashion run-stuffer would not go amiss, hence my initial liking for the C.J. Wilson signing.

Further digging, however, suggested that C.J. Wilson could be so much more than that for us. In college C.J. Wilson regularly caused QB’s problems, something his stats confirm, and under Tuck/Woodley’s expert tuteladge I believe they can extract the best out of his pass-rushing abilities also. Lets be honest he couldn’t really have two better mentors to work with.

Coming out of college, described Wilson as having “good edge quickness and speed”, while listed him as a big “athletic pass rusher”. Meanwhile, that fountain of sometimes somewhat dubious knowledge and debate, , back in 2010, ran a piece stating that he put up the top bench press numbers at the combine, in a four-way tie with, amongst others, Ndamukong Suh! 

One final note: I was somewhat shocked to read this kid ran a 4.83 40 time, a big strong DE that can run a sub-5 second 40 – I know Al would have loved that from a 300 lb defensive lineman, I know I do.


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