The Free Agency Pool Runs Dry…Almost

So we didn’t get Desean Jackson, and most of the big name free agents that were out there seem to have signed up with other teams now. So who’s left?

The simple answer is not much, but as we didn’t spend that Desean Jackson money and we still have a few holes on the roster, at least from a depth perspective, the following could be options:-

DE Anthoney Spencer – a little old, and a little injury prone, but Spencer is an excellent run-stuffing DE, not entirely unlike our own former player Lamar Houston. Let’s face it after Tuck and Woodley we have very little at DE, and with age being a bit of an issue on the new Raida-D rotation will be the key to success in 2014.

LB Pat Angerer – excellent depth, indeed a very capable, not too old, starter. Will come cheap, so would be a great addition.

OG – Wade Smith – this former probowl selection was terrible as a tackle, early in his career for the skins, but has hung around and improved enough to garner probowl recognition at guard, not a long term option but very decent depth.

OC – Alex Mack. I know, but he is one of the league’s best, and his acquisition would allow us to swing Wiz over to guard, a position in fairness he has previously looked a lot more comfortable in. We are one of the few teams with the money to go after Mack, but he’s worth it, he is one of the best players in this league. Imagine a line of Penn/Watson – Wiz – Mack – Boothe – Howard….awesome.

Regarding the non-acquisition of Desean Jackson, to be honest I wasn’t completely sad about that (ignoring any off-the-field issues), I think we’ve got a good young WR pool and didn’t want to see us have to cut Juron Criner of Brice Butler too early. Both Butler and Criner have the tools, or at least some of the tools, required to be an nfl starting WR. The key question at this point is can they develop, and I’m hoping to see this training camp that they can. Criner looks like an ideal red-zone target for Schaub, while Butler has the potential to be a deep-play WR, stretching the field for the benefit of everyone…2014 looks like being REAL interesting.


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