Slowlando Apparently Targetting Comback

If there is anything to remind the Oakland Raiders to be careful in free agency and this year’s draft it is the unpalatable reminder of Rolando McClain – one of the worst draft picks in nfl, let alone Raiders, history – as news emerges that he is targetting a comeback.

Despite being the sure fire pick we all thought he’d be – and I don’t remember too many character concerns being voiced at the time we drafted him – Rolando McClain was everything that you don’t want on your team. He thought he was more gangster than player. Cutting McClain was one of the best moves we ever made.

Apparently the Baltimore Ravens still retain the rights to Rolando McClain, so for his sake I hope he didn’t burn as many bridges there as he did here. anyway with players such as Donald Butler, Jon Beason, Karlos Dansby, Daryl Smith and Brandon Spikes available in a deep FA pool this year I see very little need for a human-scum such as Slowlando, not unless you want a lazy bum playing at MLB/ILB.

The one good thing that Rolando McClain does is make me think for favourably of JaMarcus Russell. I would much rather JaMarcus Russell’s potential – although likely never to be exploited – than Rolando’s negativity….strangely I can’t help but hope JaMarcus makes it good, unlike Rolando McClain who is nothing but bad.


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