No Tags in 2014

So there was have it, no tags were applied – not even transition tags – so the Oakland Raiders under Reggie’s watch are looking after the proverbial purse strings. To be honest I think this is a good thing, as we didn’t have a potential free agent that was truly deserving of top-5 money. I’d say top-15 is probably the best description of Jared Veldheer, top-20/25 for Lamar Houston and top-40 for DMC.

We need to play a patient game this off-season, we have the biggest pile of chips, but if we sit tight we can let the other teams spend the silly money, then we grab all the under-appreciated plays for potential bargains.

I’m happy to sit back and enjoy this free agency, as personally I’ve been impressed with Reggie’s recent FA bargain buys – particularly Wheeler, Usama Young, Nick Roach, Tony Pashos, Tracy Porter, Daniel Muir, Matt McGloin, Matt McCants, Mike Jenkins, Andre Holmes, Kevin Burnett and Pat Sims. More of the same, indeed better (as we have more money) would be much appreciated. Patience fellow Raiders, the upcycle in our fortunes has already started, and it’s going to gather some serious momentum this year – and fast.


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