Got a Strange Feeling we can Beat the Titans

I’ve got a quick feeling ahead of the weekend that the Oakland Raiders are going to beat the Titans this Sunday. If we win, I don’t imagine it will be by much, certainly less than 10 points, but there is a new confidence floating around the place, and that brings a better team spirit which ignites a winnins spirit.

The never-say-die attitude that Matt McGloin brings to this team should be enough to help us beat a very good Titans team. I know its early days for McGloin, but this kid has a huge chip on his shoulder and it generates hard work from the rest of the team, plus he delivers a nice crisp DB-splitting pass, the kind of which I can’t remember form a Raiders QB for some time.

At least it will be a good contest between two very good defences on Sunday, that is for sure. Our DB’s, LB’s and to a lesser-extent DL are looking much improved and I’m finally starting to get confidence in them winning us a few games.

I’m really looking forward to the game, and quietly confident of a result….mind you, I have thought that before and been proved wrong many times before, we can only hope!!


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