DJ Hayden on IR

The Raiders put injured cornerback DJ Hayden on the injured reserved list today….I wont tell you who they put on the active 53-man roster but rather hint – its the DE who they play cut-activate tennis with seemingly every week.

Even if DJ’s injury is not really that bad I think this is a wise move. The kid certainly learnt a lot in his first half a season. Showing some occasional glimpses of talent, but recently he has really sucked and been deliberately targeted by opposing QB’s, who have to be fair taken him appart. Keeping playing DJ this late in the season was only starting to hurt his confidence. I’d rather he sits and learns, getting himself fully up to speed for next year.

There are plenty of other talented young CB’s on our roster, who we really should evaluate in more detail now. Adams, for exampe, has really impressed me recently, and I’d like to see more of Chimdi Chekwa who in glimpses looked quite good against the Texans. Also it would be nice to see how Taiwan Jones performs in the defensive backfield, as if his special teams play is any guide this kid truely rocks.

…the DE they signed to DJ’s roster spot was, yes you guessed it, Brian Sanford – can he finally nail down this roster spot or will we cut him again next week?


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