Raiders Defence Wins Close Game With Houston

I know all the headlines will be about Matt McGloin, and in patches I was impressed with him, but for me this game was won by the Raider’s D. We stopped Houston at key times, limiting them to FG’s at the end proving absolutely vital to the victory.

Initially when the Texans took Case Kennum out of the line up – after a good game – I thought it was a sign of them waiving their proverbial “white-flag”, but then Matt Schaub looked like a real danger, bringing first down after first down….or maybe our D was getting tired. Plus Matt McGloin seemed to loose his abaility to make first downs in the 4th quarter. All in all I was real worried – lets admit it, we all were, and there were times in the 4th quarter a fit Terrelle Pryor would have definitely not had so many three-and-outs, but we made it, we won the game, and Matt McGloin’s ability to keep hold of the ball (Note: no, yes ZERO, interceptions by a Raider QB!!!)

This game, however, was really won by the D, with the Raider’s pass defence in particular impressing me. All the DB’s looked good at points, I particularly like their strut. With Porter crossing his arms ever time he made a play, inspiring a DB-field that can really hold their own…..If only we had a pass rush to bring some pressure we’d look really good back there, hence my desire that we do NOT draft a QB early this year – I like McGloin and Pryor and would be happy for them both to be goven the chance to lead us forward – plus the OL, once the injuries clear up will be a lot better. I know a lot of fans, including myself, thing we are weak at WR, but the group is young and still has excellent potential, so I’d invest draft picks in DE’s and OLB’s this off-season.

Anyway, enough about off-seasons, lets focus on this year. We have a 4-6 record now and can’t be written off as a potential playyoff team now, particularly as McGloin builds a chemistry with his WR’s. Looking forward to seeing it develop.


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