Time to Back Pryor

I’ve must admit I’ve found it hard to post this week, following the shock of the loss to the Eagles, but finally I’m back. What’s got me posting again, my desire to complain about how bad the DB’s were or just my general desire to whine? No, my disappointment concerning the amount of negativity that has surrounded Terrelle Pryor this past couple of days. Yes Terrelle had a bad game, and yes Matt McGloin looked quite useful (in junk-time) at the end of the Eagles game, but Terrelle this season has also shown enough flashes of brilliance for me to know that we have to back this kid 100%.

A lot of bloggers/media are back on the “we need to draft a QB-of-the-future” this offseason. I say, resolutely “NO” to this. Terrelle Pryor has shown me enough, so far this season, for me to know he CAN be the guy. We need to build an offense around Terrelle, not keep jumping from QB to QB.

What I have learnt this season is that we still have weaknesses at OL, WR and TE. Yes I have my concerns that Terrelle isn’t yet the QB that will lead us to the playoffs, but given the correct support he can be that guy.

Terrelle has the athleticism and pace to be a constant menace to the opposition defense, and he has shown the commitment to improve his arm. His passing is already so much better, compared to last year, but he needs to learn a more nuanced offence and improve on his passing range – definitely things that can and will happen, if we back him, which I feel we will.

In fact I’d say Reggie needs to seize this temporary moment of doubt as an opportunity to tie Terrelle Pryor up to a multi-year deal. At least that way he don’t cost us the house when all the improvements have already been made.

(Also of note, really impressed with Matt McGloin as the backup – very pleased with his development too http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1835803-matt-mcgloins-instant-fantasy-value-after-terrelle-pryors-injury )


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