Following Sio Moore’s excellent display against the Steelers I strongly believe the Raiders acquisition of pash-rushing LB Martez Wilson last week was designed to light a spark under Sio’s development. If this was the case, it sure worked.

Sio rocked the game, against the Steelers, providing constant pressure and sure handed tackling, plus excelling on special teams – always a great guage of “effort”.

Some/most young players (indeed players of any discription really) need competition to truely test themselves. To challenge themselves to be the best they can be. Sio seeing the acquisition of another potentially strong LB, like himself, upped his game.

This LB core is the best one I can remember these past 5 years, and it has lots of potential to improve. Its is also being helped out, and itself helping, by stronger DL and defensive backfields.

The D this year is so much better. Indeed if another team comes sniffing for Tarver as their head coach I’d go as far as to say we shoudl promote Tarver to head coach here. Ideally I’d wait a few more years to do it, but Tarver is really impressing myself and I’m sure all Raiders fans.


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