Should We consider TE Kevin Brock or DE/LB Montgomery?

I just saw the Kansas City Chiefts released TE Kevin Brock, the 6’5″ 250 lb TE could potnetially improve a very weak part of our team.

I’m not saying he’d definitely be the answer but surely he’d be an improvement over Mustrud.

Real news this week – we are reportedly looking at LB/DE Sam Montgomery, a talented player who lets just say let his Texans career go up in “smoke”. Montgomery was 3rd round draft pick this past year and he brings real potential to the table. Personally I don’t think the reason the Texans released him to be all that serious, but its up to the individual and of course a sportsman and a role model really needs to consider theri actions. But then look at the kid’s life – lost a brother to a shooting – and I have sympathy, and remember he’s still just a kid. Anyway if Reggie/Allen/Tarver recon they can work with the kid lets give him a chance, its great to hear our management are still looking to improve our already very impressive D.

On Montgomery, let it be noted that (see below) listed his strengths as “competitive player who doesn’t back down from challenges, will bull his way into bigger tackles to collapse the pocket”, with similarities to Andre Carter.


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