We Still Have Just 2 QB’s on the Roster

So as we go into the week of the Steelers game, with a nice week long rest on the players backs, we still only have two QB’s on the 53-man roster. Incumbent starter Terrelle Pryor and young pretender Matt McGloin are an excellent combo in my humble opinion, but I would really like a number three.

Should we bring in some experienced cover like David Carr, Vince Young or the recently released (by the Jets) Brady Quinn. I know Quinn, for example, has been little better than Jamarcus Russell since they were the top QB-picks of the 2007 draft – and that is saying very little – but surely he could be a half decent number 3. Actually thinking about it, we our OL, the number three has to be a pure scrambling-QB. So we are talkingabout Vince Young or Pat White…..or heaven help us Tebow – is he even still available?


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