OMG we need some OL

‘Oh My God’ the Kansas City loss sure shows how desperately we need some OL help. If you want to beat a 5-0 team, indeed any team, you need an OL that isn’t LT Khalif Barnes, LG Lucas Nix, C Mike Brisiel, RG Lamar Mady, RT Matt McCants. Personally I think its time for emergency shopping on the FA wires to try and beef up a bit, although we have to remember we now have the bye-week to try and patch up a few injuries.

I’m guessing, probably optimisitcally that Tony Pashos will be fit for the next game, and possibly Menelik Watson, but I’m going to assume Watson needs another week. So with Pashos in at RT, and Barnes staying at LT the tackle positions are kind of covered.

Its guard I have the most concern, to date neither andre Gurode, Nix, Mady or Wiz has really impressed me…on the very minor positive I’m ok with Brisiel this season (not at centre though). We should bring in someone like Chilo Rachal or Lance Louis, simply to see if these FA can improve a currently terrible position. Nix certainly isn’t the answer.

Then at centre, hopefully Gurode or Wiz will be fit, but if not what about Mady, he has experience there (I guess he didn’t show up well enough in workouts though, who knows?). Maybe as an emergency option we could look at Eugene Amano, he won the Rimington trophy for the best college centre at Southeast Missouri State and has starting experience for the Titans. Got to be better than some of we were showing against the chiefs, maybe even Alex Parsons would be an improvement.

Terrelle Pryor can’t be expected to perform with these boys out in front of him. fingers crossed the medics bring back most of our missing OL soon, as without them the season is over.


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