Raiders Release Flynn

So the Oakland Raiders have released Matt Flynn, and brought in Pat White. What does this say:-

(1) They really don’t rate Flynn at all, specifically Dennis Allen doesn’t rate Flynn. I’m inclined to think maybe a falling out occured, maybe Flynn said something he shoudln’t have done, but as of yet there is no news on such a falling out. Reggie obviously rated Flynn initially, and had knowledge of Flynn from his time in Green Bay, but unless Flynn somehow fell out with Reggie this must have been an Allen call/cull.

(2) They really rate Matt McGloin. Lets face it the world know’s very little about McGloin, but the management sees him in training so he must be impressing…at least we hope he is.

To me here the real shock is how far Flynn’s stock with the team has fallen since the Redskins game. Then we thought enough of him to not play a Pryor who was essentially ok to play, and we weren’t ready to play McGloin then, but 9 days later we think so little of Flynn that weve cut him. This comes despite the OL being so bad that you’d have to be a Pryor-esque athlete to survive behind it. I honestly think Peyton Manning would struggle behind our OL. (Hence the Pat White signing, as he’s little more than a running QB).

So what did Flynn say, it has to be that….I will report shortly (or comment if you know) with news


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