New Number 3 QB

So Matt Flynn has been cut – see previous post – and we are reportedly signing Pat White as his replacement (although this isn’t 100% yet, and David Carr was also in form a try-out yesterday, so watch this space).

No my initial feeling on Pat White is he’s a runnign QB that has tried and failed to make it in the nfl already, so why don’t we at least go for a QB with potential, but if you analyse the Pat white move in a bit more detail you (or at least I) start to see why it could make sense.

Remember Pat White was an awesome college QB – as quoted by our own former player (when he was in college, and asked for three players he liked in college football) Philip Wheeler said “Three? Forget it. How about one? Pat White. Dude is unbelievable. I mean, he can do it all. He’s fast, he’s stronger than he looks and he can throw it. Yeah, I love watching him – as long as he’s not doing it to us”.

After a stella college career, the Miami Dolphins selected him in the 2nd round of the 2009 nfl draft. Pre-draft Mike Mayock predicted White to be the Senior bowl MVP and a 2nd round selection, while Mel Kiper Jr rated White as the 5th best QB prospect that year.

I think it all really went wrong for White in his admission pre-combine that he was willing to work other positions besides QB. This flexibility can be interpreted as a lack of confidence. something I am personally please Terrelle Pryor didn’t do. If your a QB, your a QB, don’t change positions it hardly ever really works.

Lets face it, Pat White never got a chance at the Dolphins, and his pre-season record is ok, Ricky williams even said, just before Pat White’s release from the team in 2010, that Pat White was the most improved player on the team.

The Raiders coaching staff have almost proved that they could take a very raw college running-QB and turn him into a genuine threat, maybe they can use exactly the same fromula on Pat White. At least in training, and in case of injuries, the team can essentially prepare the same way as if Terrelle Pryor was leading the offence…..Matt McGloin best be looking over his shoulder.


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