Rashad Jennings Injury Brings RB Depth Concerns

With Rashad Jennings dropping out of the chargers game, with a hamstring injury, we now look a bit short in terms of RB depth. I know Marcel Reece looked good with the ball in his hands after Jennings went out but we need more cover, particularly if DMC isn’t 100% yet – which lets face it we all fear he wont be.

Bernard Scott worked out with the team last week, so he could be a good possibility but I’d prefer the following (but then maybe I hanker after the “big” names a bit too much):-

Cedric Benson – I’ve always like Benson, wanted him last yeat and want him this. His power (if he still has much) would be a real asset to the team, but it worries me that he is still available to be honest (likewise another old favourite of mine Michael Turner)

Beanie Wells – I know a lot of fans don’t like this kid, and he has had his share of injuries, but I’ve always liked him and I think he could be an asset to a team shorn of RB’s.

Tim Hightower – very different to what we have, but a good pounder to complement the offence

loads of others, i rated but with concerns about their health/age include Joseph Addai, Jahvid Best, Kevin smith


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