Flynn drops to 3rd String QB

So there we have it, Matt Flynn has failed his potential “last-chance”, dropping to third-string QB after his disappointing performance against the Redskins. Terrelle Pryor is fit to go versus the San Diego Chargers, while Dennis Allen was quoted as saying Matt McGloine is our second-stringer.

What really surprised me was the look on Allen’s face when asked why McGloine was being promoted, and it painted 100 pictures. I learnt two things from this:-

(a) Allen does NOT have a poker face

(b) Flynn has really disappointed the management.

Personally, and you’ll probably all think I’m crazy but I’d have given Flynn another week – i.e. the chargers game – as otherwise I feel the investment is going to be completely written off, and surely this season our win-lose record don’t matter that much antyway. Pryor is the long-term option and I’d have liked to give him another week to recover. But Allen’s fighting for his job so he probably know’s Pryor is his best hope.

Its great to have Pryor back behind the wheel, but I fell a little sorry for Flynn – I guess the dream isn’t going to happen for you after all.


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