Flynn Set To Fly

So our boy Terrelle Pryor – in my opinion the future of the francise – is going to rest out the Redskins game, which makes perfect sense to me as their is no point rushing our talented young QB back into the heat of our shaky OL. So a big welcome back to Matt Flynn, I really hope you fly. I worry, however, that our line wont create enough time for you, but then again at least the Redskins aren’t one of the leagues premier front-7’s, so mayeb you will surprise a few analysts and excel, I sincerelly hope so.

Lets all get behind Flynn, and remind ourselves of the beautiful performances he put in for the Packers (see link, below). I like Flynn, and I think he is a perfectly talented QB, it is just that given our OL weakenesses I think Pryor is better. However, we are giving the keys to flynn now, for at least one game now, so lets hope he creates a difficult selection dilema for Allen moving forward.

If they were going to make a film of the sensational nfl season, in which the 1-2 Oakland Raiders lost their staring starting QB and rolled on to win a Superbowl with a journeyman QB you know Matt Damon would be an ideal look-alike to play Matt Flynn.


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