We Look Short on the Interior Line

In a desperate effort to address the apparent weaknesses we are showing on the interior line I imagine Reggie is frantically scanning the available player lists (I know I am), and looking purely at the guards that are available I thought the following made sense:-

Lance Louis – the former Chicago Bear starter signed with the Miami Dolphins in FA but got cut during the off-season in a somewhat surprising move given his abilities. At 320 lbs Lance Louis is just the sort of player that could toughen up our interior line. The concern with Louis is whether he is 100% yet after his ACL injury of 2012, if he is bring him in.

Stephen Peterman – having been released by the Jets this offseason doesn’t look quite as severe given their recent winning run, as it did at the time, and this former Cowboy/Lion could be a cheap power option. Drafted in the third round of the 2004 draft Peterman has planty of experience, and would be a relativeyl cheap stop-gap option.

Jake Scott – former Colt (started in 2007 superbowl victory) just missed out on the Lions 53-man roster this offseason, and would provide a definite upgrade over Nix.

Chilo Rachal – long-shot (Al-style) effort to reclaim lost talent, this former 49’ers second round draftee has bounced around rthe nfl in recent years (even getting cu by the Cardinals this offseason, and their OL isn’t great), but he has some talent, maybe Sparano is the man to relase it?

These suggestions are not to say I’m discounting Lamar Mady, the coaching staff obviously rate him (particularly as he leapfrogged Antoine McClain onto the active list versus Denver), and as Silverandblackpride point out (see below) he obviously has potential. Whoever makes up the final starting OL, if we are going to keep Pryor safe we need an improvement over those that started week 3, fingers crossed Sparano sprinkles some magic dust over the unit.



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