Broncos Beat Us But We Showed Potential

So we lost, or more to the point (and this is important) the Broncos beat us. Peyton Manning was excellent, pure and simple….who knows if Hue Jackson hadn’t bet the family silver on Carson Palmer maybe we’d have Peyton Manning in silver and black 😦

Anyway, Peyton beat us (and he’d have beaten most teams in the nfl on that form tonight. We just have to look for the positives in the loss, and there were plenty. Terrelle Pryor is a hard working gamer, and he deserves the keys to the francise QB position. Lets invest in Terrelle – give him a multi-year deal and a couple of quality OL – and see what he can do, as he’s improving with every game, and I just love how he keeps it interesting.

Other positives include the youthful fight a few of our players showed. Previous Raiders teams would have capitulated in the second half, but we came out fighting, restraining their second half offense and showing a few tricks of our own.

The much-maligned Raiders WR group also deserves some credit, as they once again showed signs of improving. As the groups young, with many different skill sets I wouldn’t waste a 2014 draft pick here, instead preferring to invest in the OL on offense.

The D also showed glimpses, but there is a general lack of talent when compared to a gunslinger like Manning that proves we need to spend next years top draft pick (and FA money) on D. On that Ronnie Hillman TD, for example, we truely sucked – we missed 2 clear tackles. Come on man, Hillman is hardly the kind of player that should be making us miss. Better players would have stopped that run in its tracks, but credit to the Broncos OL.

Flipping back to offense quickly, and trick plays – looking at the poise DMC put on that touchdown throw, we need to find ways of getting him throwing a couple of times every game. But what happened to his running yards? The OL didn’t perform well enough, but then again neither did he, a top RB should still be able to get yards even behind a weak OL.

Looking forward this team has potential at least, and I personally thought we’d lose by more.


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