Tyvon Branch Breaks a Bone

So we got the win, unfortunately we lost one of our best players, saftey Tyvon Branch to a fractured fibula. Dennis Allen referred to the injury as “significant” and in my own humble opinion we should put him on the season ending injured reserve list – Branch that is, not Allen 😉 – as there is no point carrying healing players through a transitional season. Better to get another young player on the roster, to see if they have what it takes.

I love Branch’s play in the defensive backfield, but he CAN be replaced, and indeed Brandian Ross looked excellent on sunday covering fro him, as did Usama Young. Brandian Ross has the potential to fill the role full-time, remember one of the best field-coaches in the game Charles Woodson is there to lend a hand.

Either we sign Chance Casey or Shelton Johnson from our own practise squad, or we raid someone else’s – anyone have any good ideas for young talent other teams are nurturing on theirs. Or, of course, we could aim for one of the more experienced free agents that are available, such as former all-pro strong safety Kerry Rhodes. Remember Rhodes is only just over 30, so there should still be fuel in the tank for another couple of seasons, and I always rated him as one of the New York Jets best defensive players, why a player of his talent is still available is a bit of a mystery to me, but lets face it Charles Woodson was available for far too long given his talents. (Note: I’m not comparing the two, just stating some very good players sit in free agency for far too long)


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