Free Agents We Could Target

We’ve a 50% win-loss record, anything is possible – up to the crazy (15-1….I’m not being serious) – so should we consider a few aquisitions, as some real talent is still available. Particularly, given Branch’s injury, we need to think about safety cover.

I list the following interesting possibilities:-

(1) Kerry Rhodes, this former Cardinal/Jet safety is of definite starting caliber. Indeed, I really can’t see why he is avbailable. Snap up now please.

(2) Kenny Phillips – reasonable, former Giants, free safety. Hasn’t had an amazing nfl career, but definitely has some talent if he can come back after relatively poor couple of years, which could be more system related ratehr than player talent (and lack of)

(3) Haruki Nakamura – this former Raven/Panther safety might not have a particularly long nfl career, but he’s developed under two excellent D’s and both his mother and father have black belts in judo = tough cookie

…other positions:-
(4) Trevor Laws – the former Eagle (2nd round draft choice) and Ram DT, injuries have ended recent seasons, but if fully fit (?) could be worth bringing in to bolster the interior line

(5) Ron Brace – NT – another player that hasn’t done too much since being drafted high (second round by the Patriots), but I feel this is largely down to missing opportunities, he rocked coming out of college (in 2009 I think it was) and imo would certainly provide some excellence run-stopping skills on the inside (cheap too)

…. there are many more options out there, and I’ll cover them in the days to come if the interest is there – let me know beloved readers


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