Optimism Grows Despite Loss Versus Colts

I must admit I was very impressed with a lot about our performance, versus the Colts, despite it being a loss (and a loss we could/should have won).


(1) Terrelle Pryor – at times he looked awesome, I know a good bit of ironing still needs to be done before he is the complete francise QB, but wow is he exciting and he really does alot to keep us in the game. I think he deserves our complete support, and I am genuinely excited about our next game now, as we look like we have a chancec now.

(2) Defence – after a poor first half they improved a lot in the second, and really showed a lot give give me faith for the season ahead. Nice uinexpected pressure on Andrew Luck too – keep it up

(3) The spirit – suddenly we look like a football team, not a collection of losers, long let it continue

(1) few too many drops

(2) inexperience of the group, but this is soemthing to be expected with such a young team and can only improve


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