So we’ve have a very busy couple of weeks, and most of the roster moves have been made for week 1 (against the Colts), and by and large I am happy with how the roster has panned out. I am disappointed with just a few moves, chiefly:-

David Bass (DE), that boy looked good in camp, great on tape and apparently was holding up well in training. So why did we cut him? Simply because its a numbers game, our top brass thought he’d slip through waivers and could be placed on the practise squad – never a wise move, particularly as other teams can take your practise squad guys anyway.

Gaither – I was also a bit disappointed about the loss of Gaither, as he looked really good to me. Oddly seemed to have added half a yard of pace. Hopefully we’ve kept his number on speed-dial.

Looking forward my main hopes are that we pick up some gems from others cuts. I like Tony Pashos (OT) and Antoine McClain (OG), as they will certainly add some much needed bulk to our oft-zone blocking build offensive lineman. DE Brian Sanford I’m less sure about – persoanlly I’d have preferred David Bass, but I hope I’m wrong. Sanford, at least, is a good run stopper, if he adds next to no QB pressure.

I’m still hoping for another couple of acquisitions though, particularly in the trenches.


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