Training Camp Battles

For me the key developments moving into training camp are at right tackle, cornerback depth, which WR doesn’t make the roster, punter, and I suppose at a push QB (although I expect Matt Flynn to win this battle). Expect a few surprises – positive ones too – this season, as we win a few more games than most analysts expect. I certainly don’t see us in the reconing for the number 1 pick next season.

The battle for Right tackle will hopefully be won by Menelik Watson, but lets be realistic starting the season will be Khalif Barnes. The key observation from camp though will be how much time Watson gets – sign your contract now – as he needs reps and offers much more than Barnes.

The WR’s look liek a nice group, unfortunately we can’t carry anymore than 7, probably 6, so some talent will have to be cut – expect camp to be informative as to developments here.

The QB battle I’ve dealt with before, so I wont go on about in any detail again, but I look forward to developments here – 3 players I like, which is a nice problem to have.

On special teams the punter postion is wide open, and although I’m rooting for Marquette King, it could easily be the old-head of Chris Kluwe that wins the job.

On the D, we have brought in a lot of new (youngish) talent, and I see a big improvement, particularly mentored as they will be by their new old-field coach Charles Woodson. I like most of the CB aquisitions we made this off-season, and indeed foresee camp deciding how the depth pans out, but don’t be at all surprised if we carry 6 CB’s this year. CB’s offer good special teams play, plus we have some good youngsters, that I personally don’t think we can risk losing, such as Taiwan jones, who although not ready yet offer glimpses.


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