QB Controversy – not much

The much talked about QB controversy – not us specifically but generally by the media – will not, in my opinion, be a theme of 2013/2014. Why because I see Matt Flynn taking the reigns and taking them well.

Don’t get me wrong I thought Tyler Wilson was an excellent value draft pick in the fourth round – he has late first round talent – but I believe he will benefit from a few years in the backup role first.

I also like Terrelle Pryor – more on this later – and I think the current strategy of working on his throwing dynamics is prudent and could well pay off….next year.

This year, however, I say give the reigns of the horse to Matt Flynn. He has served his apprentiship (largely at Green Bay) and I don’t see his time at Seattle as the abject failure that many of the media seemed to think – Russell Wilson was excellent last year, so losing the starting position to him was not the atrocity many seemed to think it was.

Flynn has excellent toughness. A decent, if not world beating, arm and is a good manager on the pitch. The key thing on the offense this year is the line, I see the trenches looking much so much improved this year, that the QB’s position will be much imporved. In reality though this will chiefly benefit the RB – hopefully (finger’s crossed) Darren McFadden. The hope being that McFadden stays fit – a big ask – if this happens, behind this line, we could be 8-8. I know this seems a big call, and consists of a lot of “ifs” but I honestly believe it.


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