Should we sign anyone?

The quiet-time rolls on and very little of note has happened, at least what we know of, so I thought I’d ask the question “should we sign anyone”? There are still, what to me seem like, some talented individual players available, and given that they haven’t found paid work yet they should be one think this new Reggie-administration likes – cheap.
So who is out there, that we could potentially find room for?
DE’s – John Abraham, Trevor Scott, (even Dave Tollefson now he’ll be super cheap)
DT’s – Ron Brace (good run stuffer)
G – Pat McQuistan
RB’s – Cedric Benson, Ryan Grant, Tim Hightower, Willis McGahee, Beanie Wells, Michael Turner
T – Eric Winston (remember he played with Mike Brisiel so could bring additional cohesion to the right side of the line)
WR – Mike Sims-Walker, Braylon Edwards
If you can think of anyone else, or disagree with me (or indeed concur), please let me know – I look forward to your comments.


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