The Many Questions of Stacy McGee

The draft selection of Oklahoma DT Stacy McGee in the sixth round undoubtedly raised the most questions of any of our picks. Has he got the mental skills necessary for the NFL? Can he get fit? Will he behave? I wont pretend I know the answers to all these questions but I will express my happiness that at least we drafted an interior defensive linemen, who I hope could go on to be one of the surprises (pleasant) of this draft.

Physically Stacy McGee has the necessary foundations, 6’4″ 310 lbs is near ideal for a DT, plus on the clips I’ve seen he is good at stopping RB’s and creating pressure on the QB. Unfortunately, early in his career, he has run out of puff a little too easily, regularly needing to be rotated out of the starting lineup. So he needs to work on the physicals, something I believe that working with our excellent conditioning staff he really can do.

Improving his physical conditioning through co-ordinated physical training, however, requires the correct mind-set and this is where another one of Stacy McGee’s amber lights is flashing. He got into moderate amounts of trouble at college. This is not the be all and end all for me, as I can forgive youthful mistakes, but the issue moving forward is can he stop making these mistakes. Is he strong mentally? This is the vital point, as he’ll need this to get physically right to progress in the NFL. Plus he really needs to make sure he doesn’t get in any trouble again. I hear naturally most people/analysts seem to think he isn’t mentally strong, but I am going to make a giant leap of faith forward and say that I think that he is a lot stronger upstairs than most people give him credit for, or at least he can become strong. Reggie and his staff have assessed Stacy in detail and they believe that, despite the contrary evidence, his head is screwed on correctly. I back this belief with the interview tape that I’ve seen of Stacy chatting and its genuinely good. He appears to be a surprisingly intelligent and likeable. Hence I am putting his previous errors down to youthful exuberance, and mistakes that anyone could make.

Let’s give Stacy McGee a chance, becuase if he lives up to his potential this could be one hell of a good DT prospect. I’m optimistic we could have the makings of a real good line here.


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