London Francise

There has been a lot of talk recently about an overseas NFL francise, with London quoted as a distinct possibility, with the prospect of full attendances at 80,000-plus new stadiums very tempting to any owner. Whenever I read about such possibilities it is always laughed off as “that’ll never happen” but I must admit, given the success of the UK NFL games recently and the distinctly poor attendances at a number of teams in recent years I think this may actually happen now. Also I think it could happen within the next ten years.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are talked about as a possible switch, but what about the Oakland Raiders, attendances are not good enough, the current stadium is a shambles and something has to be done. Do you think Mark Davis would do it? He comes from a family of mavrics. Moving the francise to London, although controversial would probably be a huge success and make him a billionaire.

Its interesting, but tyhen again with LA not even having a team, closer moves make more sense….the balls in your court Oakland, act ow or loose your francise.


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