WR – is youth enough

Going into the season we have a receiving core that is literally spilling over with youth and potential but worryingly low on experience. The more experienced players, such as Ford, are coming off serious injuries and there are concerns as to whether they can reclaim their old glories. Do we need to acquire some experience of should we give the relative kids a chance?

Personally I love the young receiving talent on this team, and given the stage on the rebuilding curve we are at I wouldn’t want to have to cut any of this massive potential. In recent years we’ve got really good at finding WR talent late in the draft or UDFA, and to be honest with what we have already I foresee us having to cut real talent.

If we were on a serious Super Bowl run then maybe I would have argued for acquiring Boldin, or looking at still relatively decent available talent like Braylon Edwards, but we have 6 or 7 young guys that can really excite already – for example I like at least 2 of this years UDFA WRs – and these guys come relatively cheap. This way we build up a sustainable strong roster for our future impending glories…..and whoever on the scouting team keeps finding these players, give them a longer contract.


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