JaMarcus Russell working out for the Bears

Please don’t hate me for voicing it, but I’m a real believer in everyone deserving a second chance and I can’t help but think JaMarcus Russell is about to claim his.

When we drafted him he was a kid that clearly had personality issues. This was well summed up by that story about the coaches giving him a DVD to watch with an analysis of his failings, he said he completely agreed with….unfortunately that DVD turned out to be blank

But he’s lost the weight, has been working out with Jeff Garcia, apparently looked good in his try-out for the Bears, and clearly has the talent. Watch the tape – not the blank one – he really throws a beautiful deep pass, best I can remember.

The Bears have terrible depth at QB, while they are at it they should pickup Tebow too, and it would make sense for them to take a gamble on him.

Here’s the bit nobody will like to read but I would like him to get another chance here. Not sure if he’d come, but I’m all for second chance salon


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