The Futures Bright, the Futures Silver and Black

We all know the Oakland Raiders are in for a tough couple of years, post-Al Davis, but I am amazed how fast Reggie McKenzie has created some optimism in my mind for the team. Yes the QB no longer has the “stretch-the-field” arm, but he now has enthusiasm, hard work and commitment written all over him. We also have two highly skilled backups fighting for a chance too.

Summing up the rest of the offense, we’ve got one of the best RB’s out there, just this year he’ll get the right system for his skills, then at WR we’re young and we have some potential (for now I’ll leave it at that…returning to this topic shortly). TE, I’m a little concerned about, but we have 4 young players competing for the job, and you don’t always nowadays need to play TE’s anyway so I’ll remain optimistic. Then onto the OL, I think we’ll see a big improvement this year, for three reasons. Firstly, we’re movingback to the power blocking scheme, which suits the majority of our players more. Secondly, the young stars (such as Jared Veldheer and Stefan Wisniewski ) have another year of experience on the clock – always an important thing for an offensive lineman. Thirdly, the rookie Menelik Watson is a beast and by mid-season I foresee him staring.

The whole offense has the potential to be much much better next year. Couple this with the progress I see on D – more on this to follow shortly – and suddenly I’m no longer dreaming of the 2014 number one pick in the draft but thinking about winning the AFC West….am I too optimisitc? Only time will tell I suppose.


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