Diggin those Trenches – DL

The Defensive line of the Oakland Raiders has been a bone of contension for the side, at least in recent years, but glimmers of light – albeit faint – have emerged this offseason, with the youthfulness of the group at least massively improved. Last year we relied on the highly paid, but incredibly ineffective pairing of Seymour and Kelly, but finally they have been let go. Although we are still paying for both of these lazy lumps, the team (in my humble opinion) will be improved by the additions of Sims and Walker. Its early days obviously, but I’m a lot more optimisitc with the thought of Pat Sims, Vance Walker, Christo Bilukidi and Stacy McGee rotating for four positions than the previous incumbents. Yes these DT’s are incredibly young (and admitedly unproven), but I strongly feel that they will provide a considerably more dynamic presence….and certainly cheaper.

At DE I’m very happy with the starting pairing of Andre Carter and Lamarr Houston, then its really all unproven hope. I’m straining at my optimism banks with the hope that Jack Crawford will come up trumps this year – and if I’m honest I have yet to see any proof of this, but I’m surfing on a wave of optimsm. Then I’m really hopeful for new rookie david Bass – he looks simply awesome on tape (I know its against quite poor oposition, but all the same I like the look of this kid). I’d also be inclined to keep Hunter on the team, as although he looks distinctly unexciting, we need fresh legs on the field and I’m carrying 2 very inexperienced DEs on my assumed roster.


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