Can’t See the Woodson for the Trees

So the legend that is Charles Woodson has rejoined the Oakland Raiders, not only did this move massively shock me but it also pleasantly surprised me. Yes Woodson is 36 years old, but he’s an athlete that has truly looked after himself, so he shouldn’t simply be written off for his age. Mid-thirties aren’t too old, you just have to look after yourself and Senior Woodson sure has done that.

Suddenly the rebuilding Oakland Raiders have upped the ante. The Raiders defensive backfield is unanimously better than last year. Personally I see Charles Woodson’s presence on the team improving the performance of all of his colleagues in the secondary. Hayden is the most obvious example, how can this first year player not learn from a legend of the position such as Woodson. Young players, like Taiwan Jones, are also certain the relish the on-field teaching. Branch, however, I see being the key beneficiary. Not only does he get a positive role model to learn from but he also no longer has to worry about so many mistakes being made by his fellow safety. Just imagine it, your lining up back their, facing arrows from Peyton Manning….who would you rather see with you, in the proverbial trenches, Michael Huff or Charles Woodson? …. we all have the same answer to this one( from everyone bar Huff’s mom)

The spirit of Al Davis will be raising a glass to Raiders everywhere.


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